The Best Multi Tools

Multi tools are not created equal. Some are better than others. But, what are the best ones on available on the market? Well, if you ask us, here are the three multi tools we consider as three of the best.

Leatherman Wave (about $80)

If you are looking for gear with handy capabilities, look no further than the Wave. As a not, the Wave here refers to the New Wave, which replaced the original Wave in 2004. It is a full-sized multi tool with 17 tools put into a body with a superb design that is small enough to carry. The tools include a bottle opener, a saw, a wood/metal file, a diamond-coated file, two pliers, two 420HC knives, two drivers, 2 double-ended bits, wire cutters, scissors and more.

The Wave is made of 100% stainless and includes a leather/nylon sheath and a lanyard attachment. It weighs 8.5 ounces. It is 4” long and 2” thick. It is available in plain stainless steel and black oxide finish.


Leatherman Surge (about $85)

It is one of Leatherman’s largest models. It has 21 tools. The tools include 154CM replaceable wire cutters, stranded wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, an electrical crimper and Leatherman’s largest pliers lineup. Not only that, it also has spring-action scissors serrated and not and two 420HC knives. Other tools it has are two files, can and bottle opener, screwdrivers and more. Although it can do heavy duty and will get the job done, it has its downside too. The Surge lacks versatility and portability compared to its smaller cousins.

The Surge weighs 12.5 ounces. It is 4.5” long when closed. The Surge is available in stainless or black. Both include a leather and nylon sheath.

Leatherman Charge AL (about $140)

Basically, the Charge AL is a slimmed down Charge TTi (which makes it cheaper). It has 17 built-in tools. The tools include scissors, a 420HC serrated knife, a 154CM knife, regular pliers, needlenose, stranded-wire cutters, hard-wire cutters and a wire stripper. It also has bottle openers, large and small but drivers and a few essential bits, two files, pocket clip and more.

4 Steps to Buying Knives and sharpeners

You cannot simply go to the store or website and buy a product, hoping for the best. Instead, you must take the time to complete a few simple steps that ensure that you’re getting the very best and the products that you want and need. When purchasing knives and sharpeners, these same rules apply. There are four very important steps that you should take before making the purchase of knives and sharpeners. Here are those four steps.

Step One: The first step in purchasing a knife or a knife sharpener is knowing what your needs for these items are. Where will you use the knife the most? What kind of sharpener do you prefer? How much money do you have to spend on the purchase? These are all very important things to know before you go out to buy.

Step Two: Do your research. Familiarize yourself with the different models of knives, the different brands, and of course the features and functions offered with each type. An article like this discussing best knife sharpener will definitely help you big time.

Step Three: The next step is comparing. It is easy and free to compare, and with the completion of this step you can be sure that you get a great deal on the purchase. Unless you like spending money needlessly, this is an important step.

Step Four: Your final step is to look for coupons, promotion codes, and special offers. This is an easy way to reduce the amount of money you spend without sacrificing the products that you get in return. When you search for these offers, you always get more for your money and there isn’t a better feeling in the world.

When you complete these four steps, buying your knife and/or sharpener is simple and easy. Make sure that you take the time to do it the right way. You will be glad that you did.

How to be the best Woodworker

It is oftentimes said that a woodworker must possess three things in order to be successful at his craft. Those three needed items are:

·    A love and appreciate for wood and everything about it

·    A basic understanding of how wood works and what you can do with it

·    The right wood working tools

Without these three things, creating the awesome woodworking results that draws people to this hobby aren’t going to be something that you enjoy. Some people spend years learning how to create sensational pieces. It is certainly an enjoyable hobby that puts you to the challenge with each and every piece that you create. But, it is one that is beloved by people across the world and one that is very rewarding at the end of the day.

To be the best at your craft, whether your woodwork for a profession or as a hobby in your spare time, you must make sure that you never stop learning. You can definitely learn something new each and every day in this business if you want to learn. That is all a part of the fun of woodworking. Make sure that you are open to new possibilities and of course have the tools that you really need to create awesome woodworks.

Shop for the best Tools

Don’t purchase just any wood working tools. Just as a painter needs a quality brush and paints to perfect his craft, so too does a woodworker need tools that won’t disappoint. While there are several worthy brands out there, each person has their own personal favorite. If you don’t have a brand you trust already, do your research and learn which brands are worthwhile and which you should avoid.  This great post curates different biscuit joiner reviews. Remember, quality tools will take you so much farther in your craft.

Finding Woodworking Tools which Work for You

As a woodworker, what kind of woodworking tools do you want? Are you just getting started with hard-crafting? Are you an experienced furniture maker and wood designer? Perhaps the stance you land in is somewhere in between. The bottom line is you love woodwork. Whether that means a radial arm saw or a fine set of chisels, it just doesn’t matter with that smell and feel of freshly worked wood. So how do you find the good tools? There are so many expert old-timers out there; it would put the information to shame. It is still worth taking a look.

Naturally, a good place to get started is that forbidden land of the internet. It beats gassing up the truck and driving around if you don’t know where to go. Fine hand tools can be found at many sites, but these sites may not specialize in larger hardware.

It works the other way around. Finding great hardware does not guarantee finding good hand tools. Then it all works somewhere in between when you are looking for good woodworking tools.

What really matters is how the tools fit your working hands. So, a good suggestion is to look for specialty sites who will actually talk to you about what are right to use for your woodworking practice. The sites are surprisingly few… It wouldn’t take an expert long to see through any scams. Maybe it is a good idea to get a bit of help from a friend and learn how to get by.

As an aside, there are numerous websites with reputable ethics selling good wood tools. The main thing to look out for is the whole heavy hardware versus fine woodworking tools and the sites which represent them. It is a good idea, just like going into any good hardware store, to take a look around before buying. You may also read posts like this on different drum sander reviews.